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Be a HERO - How To Bring Out Leadership In Everyone!

Have you ever had the feeling that you're not bringing the best out of your team or your organization? That there's so much more that could be achieved? 

Or that you're just missing that extra push you need to really get somewhere? You're not alone: as many as 88% professionals currently report a lack of

satisfaction or challenge in their job. Since the publication of his #1 bestseller book 'Be a HERO' Sebastiaan has been asked by many respected global firms

to contribute to raising the enthusiasm of its employees. 


The Art of Sustainable Performance. The Show Must Go ON!

Why does one organization remain successful while others are falling apart or just disappear? Why is one person successful over and over again, while no one

expected him or her to be? Please forget everything you think you know about recruiting and selecting the right employees. Because it really is quite different

than you think it is! The secret of winning persons and teams lies in the combination of talent and four important performance indicators, on which - strangely

enough - many organizations just do not select their employees. The Art of Sustainable Performance!


Running with The Devil! - A very special LIVE webinar

Stop sabotaging yourself and your organizaton! Bas is a leading expert on how we can channel motivation, find purpose and drive out the devil inside of us.

Based on his latest bestseller book this comibined virrtual and live DAY EVENT will boost your teams producitvity and management skills!! Everysingle one

of us, the devil inside! Find more info here. 



Transform your career. Transform your organization.

Every year, Sebastiaan reaches out to tens of housands of managers and professionals through his books, lectures and seminars, giving them the

inspiration and energy to bring themselves and their organisations into a renewed state of drive, engagement and enthusiasm. You can find participants feedback 

on the Reviews page. 


Be a HERO: over 500 days in the Bestseller Top 100!

"For me, this book is one of the most inspiring books about how, given enough dedication, knowledge and creativity, we are capable of outstanding levels of

performance. The way Sebastiaan writes about his heroes enables and motivates the reader to apply the insights and advice to one's own life. It awakens the hero

in all of us!" – Prof. Jeff B.R. Gaspersz PhD, Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands 

***** on Bol.com - 'Indispensably inspiring'

***** on Managementbook.nl -'A must-read'


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