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"Great lecture and experience. If I'm honest I was expecting to get more of a theoretical story. But these were excellent lessons for life.”

“Outstanding quality lecture. Bas handles the material in such a way that he keeps everyone's full attention.”

“His own experiences and the energy with which he shares knowledge are fantastic."

“Extremely interesting new ideas that I can start applying tomorrow in my daily activities."

"It really spoke to me. It's a topic (passion - enjoyment - engagement) that I've been thinking about for some time. Terrific the way you support it scientifically."

"I learned an enormous amount. Several essential eye-openers for me."

"The perfect blend of theory, practice and tasks."

“The kind of lecture that changes the way you approach life and how you think about it."

“The various concepts, insights and definitions, together with the examples from everyday life, have really broadened my horizons."

"Many, many thanks again for your hard work, boundless energy and support, which have definitely steered me in a new direction."

"I really appreciated the way you stuck to the theory, the facts and the science, but used the human side of things and your own experience to bring balance."

"Final judgement: a unique achievement."


"It was a real honor having you around and thank you so much for your most intersting presentation. I had so many positive feedback.". 

"Fantastic speech".

"The event organizers are very positive about the content of your contribution."

"The set-up and links to the needs and context (the tailor-made experience) were warmly appreciated."

"The participants found your story on the topic of Work Engagement incredibly inspiring (which was the aim)."

"Your contibution was amazingly relevant for participants, especially in this day and age."

"What they liked best is that they (the leaders) now have a specific, workable tool they can apply (it turned out they'd been really needing it)."

"Everyone everywhere is really positive and they're putting your ideas into practice!"

"Calm, humor, relevant, recognisable topics, a good combination of theoretical and directly applicable (very practical)."

"A fantastic seminar!"




Tom Wolf (President, USLaw) 

Giancarlo Agace (President, Telfa)

Marcel Hielkema (CEO, Dirkzwager Lawyers)

Edward de Bock (CEO, Houthoff Buruma)

Sanne Soudant (HR, Loyens & Loeff)

Bart Voortman (CEO, Achmea Legal & Insurance)

Rob Coolwijk (President, vFAS)

Meerten Ubbens (CEO, Trip Lawyers)

Ann Kusters (Director, Delta Lloyd Insurance)

James Edwards-Castro (Partner, Wedlake Bell)

and many others.


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